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Whether you’ve traded futures for years and want to keep up with the latest trends in the markets, or you’re new to futures trading and are looking for ideas to help you get started, our XPRESSO newsletter is a timely resource.

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With fundamental and technical analysis from Mike Zarembski and Rob Kurzatkowski, XPRESSO is a convenient way to get market insights delivered right to you each trading morning.

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Meet Your XPRESSO Baristas

Mike “Z” Zarembski

Born in the grain pits of the Mid-America Commodity Exchange (MidAm) in the early 1990s, Mike’s futures career soon shifted to the offices of TD Waterhouse in 1999, followed by Xpresstrade in 2002 and eventually optionsXpress in 2007.

Favorite Markets to Watch
Old habits die hard—the grains, especially wheat.
Favorite Technical Studies
A firm believer in keeping things simple, Z favors the 20- and 50-day moving averages, along with the 14-day RSI.
Morning Pastry & Beverage of Choice
Chocolate donuts and Intelligentsia® coffee.

Rob “Big Kurz” Kurzatkowski

Rob got his start in futures with Lind-Waldock in 2001 before bringing his signature blend of fundamental and technical analysis to Xpresstrade in 2007 and then making the move to optionsXpress.

Favorite Markets to Watch
Energies, especially crude oil.
Favorite Technical Studies
Big Kurz likes to keep a close eye on momentum to try and spot potential reversals.
Morning Pastry & Beverage of Choice
Apple turnovers and strong, black coffee.

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